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David Delivery

When your business has a shipment where the words used by your carrier like "tomorrow", "probably", or "guaranteed" do not leave you with the confidence that you need in that carrier for that shipment. If the shipment is so important you would like to get a truck and deliver it yourself, please call David Delivery instead. You don't want your "money back," you want the delivery completed correctly. We have quietly been doing our work for 25 years. When you call us you receive experience and reputation - not an empty "guarantee." For Deliveries up to 3,500 pounds, please call and let us know your particular problem. We will give you a quick, honest, and experienced answer.

David Delivery is based in Southwest Wisconsin and have vehicles in the vicinity of towns like Mineral Point, Darlington, Madison, Verona, Middleton, Sun Prairie, Cottage Grove, Black Earth, Cross Plains, Mazomanie, Schullsburg, Monroe, Lancaster, and many more. We operate in all the lower 48 states. Our current fleet consists primarily of Sprinters. Three Sprinters are insulated and can hold freight at moderate temperatures. This is useful for uncured plastics and bare metal parts in shipment during cold or hot weather.

Click here to see our USDOT safety/insurance rating.

Beginning March 21st, 2012, David Delivery carries insurance for cargo coverage of $100,000.

Our Current Published Rates From March 12th, 2012

Our office is open 24 hours a day Monday through Friday but we do have some office capability on the weekends as well.

Don Gander

David Delivery

Mineral Point, WI 53565

E-Mail us at: daviddel@mhtc.net

Call us at 1-800-846-1107

David Delivery MC# 235492; Wisconsin LC# 58065; USDOT# 465267

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